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Services - Free Blast Lab Testing

Guyson’s Free Blast sample testing service is the quickest and most reliable way to find out if blast treatment is a viable solution to your cleaning or finishing problem.

Start with your Finish

Based on your surface finish requirements and the component material – whether metal, ceramic, glass, plastic, wood or composite – Guyson’s Free Blast analysis begins with selection of the most effective blast media from the full spectrum of materials available.

Our fully-equipped engineering test lab is stocked with over 100 blast media to demonstrate alternative effects or finishes and assist in your evaluation. You examine the results on your own components, and you can compare the effects of different blast treatments.

The whole idea behind our Free Blast Lab Testing Service is to quickly provide you and Guyson with concrete evidence of the effectiveness of a blasting process and capture valuable application engineering data for each test. If your project will require a lengthy regimen of testing, including definition of parameters and evaluation of specialized media, consider taking advantage of Guyson’s Process Development Service.

See for Yourself with a Free Blast!

Put Guyson’s experience to work for you by sending sample components for laboratory testing. We clean or finish them to the highest standard and promptly return them for your inspection, including our recommendations of media and equipment.