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Guyson Corporation has developed a family of rotary indexing spindle-blast machines capable of rapid overall surface finishing of a high volume of components that must be handled and processed individually. The Model RXS-900 can be configured for manual loading or automated loading by a machine tending robot or a pick-and-place device.

Guyson RXS-900 Spindle-Blast Finishing System

Guyson RXS-900 Spindle-Blast Finishing System

Six or twelve spindles are equally spaced around the perimeter of the machine’s 42-inch diameter table. The RXS-900 has a robust cam indexer to provide extremely accurate positioning of the spindles, a feature that is of critical importance for a faultless interface with a robotic loader.

In the six-spindle version of the RXS-900, there are two active blasting stations within the finishing enclosure, each with multiple guns pre-set at the correct angles and distances from targeted component surfaces. As the spindle-mounted component is rotated at controlled and adjustable speed, it receives thorough impact treatment, 360-degrees around, during the timed blasting cycle. The surface finishing process is followed by a timed blow-off cycle in a separate chamber of the blast cabinet to remove residual media and dust from the parts. Vertical sliding doors seal the machine while blasting to reduce the operating noise level.

Many different components can be finished in the RXS-900 with an array of blast guns rigidly bracketed in fixed position. However, oscillation or linear traversing of the guns enables increased coverage with a smaller number of nozzles, resulting in a lower compressed air requirement and significant energy savings. When a range of various-sized components will be blasted in the same machine, motion of the nozzles can be programmed and synchronized with spindle rotation as part of an automated process routine that is stored and recalled by the system’s programmable logic controller (PLC).

The RXS-900 cabinet is 55″ wide and 62″ deep (1400 x 1575 mm). Hinged side doors with viewing windows allow access to the blast chamber for inspection, adjustment and maintenance. A wrap-around table is optionally available to give the user a convenient work surface at the front of the machine, and a safety light curtain may be installed at the load/unload station to disable indexing until the operator is clear.

Prospective users of the RXS-900 blast finishing system are encouraged to submit sample components for free laboratory testing and application engineering evaluation at the Guyson factory in northeastern New York State.

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