Mold Cleaning Media

Dry blast mold cleaning systems can be used with Guyson Metalbead FS 100xa variety of different blasting materials that are available from Guyson, but there are strong reasons to specify Guyson Metalbead to protect your costly tooling from “induced wear” and to dramatically reduce media consumption and disposal costs of materials that break down rapidly. GET MORE DETAILS

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Robotic Mold Cleaning SystemsRubber World cover image-20131204

The next generation of tire mold cleaning systems takes precision and repeatability to a whole new level, plus giving you unprecedented flexibility. A 6-axis robotic nozzle manipulator constantly maintains the correct blasting angle, stand-off distance and surface speed to optimize the mold cleaning process and keep cycle times to the minimum. FURTHER DETAILS

Automated Tire Mold Cleaning SystemsGuyson Custom Tire Mold Cleaning System2

A programmed cleaning process for each mold in your tooling inventory delivers consistent and thorough results. Guyson offers single and twin turntable air-blast models, with 2-axis or 3-axis nozzle motion. Automated air-blast systems give you the widest possible range of choices of media. SEE MORE

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“Airless” Wheel-Blast Tire Mold Cleaning SystemsGuyson GWB702T

Introduced by Guyson to the North American tire industry in the 1980s, our centrifugal wheel blasting machines are still the mold cleaning system of choice for some major tire makers, as well as customers cleaning molds for other types of rubber products. FURTHER DETAILS