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The Guyson Custom Shop

The Guyson Custom Shop is an elite team of engineers who provide custom-built blast systems to customers looking for out-of-the-ordinary processing solutions. Customers benefit from the “Guyson Process” of machine design, which integrates our 60 years of technical expertise with extensive industry knowledge. Guyson is one of only a handful of companies that can provide this customized approach to machine design.

We work closely with customers every step of the way to develop the required built-to-order solution. The Guyson Process includes:

  1. Identifying customer needs
  2. Specifying critical core components
  3. Lab testing for proof of concept
  4. System development using Modeling 3D CAD
  5. Machine building
  6. Determining controls, robotics, programming and pneumatics
  7. Training, maintenance programs and machine support

What is the Guyson Custom Shop?

In our 60 year history of building blast finishing equipment, we have engineered hundreds of machines. Standard cabinets solve repetitive problems enabling us to sell these machines many times over. But when ready made solutions just won’t work, Guyson’s Custom Shop is here to help. Customers who have specific issues often need to start with a clean slate and have Guyson design and build a machine that works for their unique needs. One of the main benefits of choosing to work with our Custom Shop is the level of support customers receive throughout this process, as well as long after the machine has left our shop.

If you have a challenge that requires a custom-built solution, please contact us:

Sample Custom Dryblast Systems

Sample Custom Wetblast Systems

Sample Custom Shot Peening Systems

Sample Custom Robotic Systems

We have built over 125 custom robotic blasting systems to date.
Talk to the Guyson Custom Shop to see more examples.

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