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The geometry of some components naturally suggests it is better to grasp and manipulate the part, while presenting target surfaces to the blast from a nozzle in fixed position. Guyson’s pioneering work in remote tool point robot motion programming and our in-depth experience with the design of precision automated blasting and media delivery systems combine to offer you elegant solutions to surface treatment problems.

Robotic component manipulation enables a specific blast nozzle angle, nozzle distance or offset and surface speed to be constantly maintained throughout the blasting process cycle. Guyson engineers can design custom end-of-arm gripper tooling that incorporates shielding of wear-sensitive assemblies from the potentially abrasive effects of blast media, as well as component masking features that are compatible with the end-effector tooling.

Guyson Component Handling Robotic Blast SystemThe component-manipulating robot may be located in the blast cabinet or in an antechamber between the load station and the blast enclosure, protected by an abrasion-resistant suit that is tailored according to the required range of robotic motion. Alternatively, the robot may be positioned outside the blast machine, with facilities that allow the articulated arm to reach into the blast chamber and present the component to the controlled blast.