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Guyson HMI Graphics and DataGuyson engineers custom design the controls and the human-machine interface (HMI) of your robotic blast system according to your specific surface treatment process requirements. Many different configurations of the HMI, the system PLC and the robot controller are possible, depending on your preferences and your need for process monitoring and documentation.

A customized touch-screen panel presents control features for all blast system functions in a logically organized graphic array that makes operation of the robotic blast machine simple and user-friendly. During normal automatic operation, real-time process information is displayed. Numerous system conditions may be monitored using advanced electronic sensor technology, including blast pressure, media supply level and media flow rate, and detailed text and numerical data is instantly accessible.

For critical surface preparation or shot peening applications, where documentation of the blasting process may be required, computer control and a SCADA software package enable data acquisition and automatic logging of values for all vital process parameters throughout the process cycle. This capability, as well as remote access via a network connection, can be harnessed in support of your quality management system and for validation of the robotic blasting or shot peening process.