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Key Applications

  • Metallurgical shot peening
  • Deburring of precision machined components
  • Surface preparation for technical and decorative coatings
  • Non-destructive blast cleaning and descaling
  • Cosmetic surface finishing and precision roughening

Industries - AutomotiveBeing known as a designer and builder of robust, industrial-quality automated blast systems that are capable of high volume production, Guyson Corporation has served the automotive manufacturing community since our first years. To reduce production costs, ensure consistent quality and gain an edge in productivity, the automation of blasting processes is essential to survival for our customers in the competitive automotive sector.

Industries - AutomotiveGuyson works with engineers engaged in lean transformation of manufacturing processes, implementing work-cell-based production and single-piece flow. Our innovations to support lean objectives include advanced electronic sensing to reduce the demands upon human operators, features to enable a smooth interface with automated or robotic loading equipment and powerful state-of-the-art controls systems to simplify the human-machine interface and eliminate sources of variation in the blast process.

Whatever your reasons for introducing automated or robotic blasting, to discuss your project with a factory applications specialist, contact Guyson today.


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