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Guyson RB9-60 Robotic Blast System-R-2When the most sensible idea is to have the robot manipulate the blast nozzle, precisely maintaining a specified angle, offset or stand-off distance and surface speed throughout the blasting cycle, Guyson can design the right end-of-arm tooling and component motion system to get your surface treatment done with maximum efficiency.

We seal the blast chamber and isolate the precision mechanism of the robot from the blast environment with a custom-tailored suit fabricated from engineered abrasion-resistant materials. Positioning and motion of the component are synchronized with the robot motion program, frequently with servomotor-driven rotation of the work piece controlled as an auxiliary axis of robotic motion, to ensure accurate repetition of the blasting routine. Guyson engineers also have experience with multiple auxiliary axes and multiple robot blasting systems.

Attention to the details of precision is especially important when surfaces must be prepared identically, since human blast cabinet operators or multiple-gun automatic blast equipment represent variable elements that may not be brought into compliance with the strictest quality standards to ensure your process is performed according to best practices that can be validated.