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Key Applications

  • Non-destruction blast cleaning of molds and precision tooling
  • Pre-polish wet blasting of new molds and dies
  • Deflashing of thermoset plastic and composite moldings
  • Surface preparation for bonding, coating, adhesion

alt="Industries - Molds & Dies"Since our early work in automated deflashing of thermoset plastic moldings, encapsulated components and integrated circuit packages, Guyson has continued to develop uses for non-abrasive blast media and exploit new engineered blasting materials in applications where sensitive substrates must be protected from dimensional change or metal removal. Mold and die cleaning became a Guyson specialty.

Our introduction of new media and specially adapted automatic blast machines for non-destructive cleaning of molds for tires, molded rubber goods and glass containers led to our development of similar gentle cleaning processes for aluminum extrusion dies, forging dies and other types of precision tooling. The impact of automated and robotic blasting on mold cleaning cycle times, energy and material costs and productivity is dramatic.

To find out about the latest developments in mold and die cleaning or discuss a surface preparation requirement with a factory specialist, contact Guyson today.


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