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Clean Up and Clean Out

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If you have an application where sensitive substrates must be protected from dimensional change or metal being removed, look to Guyson. Our specially adapted automatic blast machines are ideal for non-destructive cleaning of:

  • molds for tires
  • molded rubber goods
  • glass containers
  • aluminum extrusion dies
  • forging dies
  • other types of precision tooling

Wheel-blast Cleaning Systems

Guyson’s die cleaning system combines a specially adapted automatic blast machine with the gentle cleaning action of non-abrasive media. Dies are placed on a rotary table, the doors are closed, and the cycle is started. Millions of microscopic, spherical metal beads are projected onto the work and impact die surfaces as the table rotates, pulverizing and removing heat scale, caustic residues, etc. During the two-to-five-minute cleaning cycle the operator is free to do other work.

Guyson’s most popular model is the GWB-401T. It is designed to:

  • Thoroughly clean interior surfaces and complicated contours
  • Clean without removing metal or altering surface textures
  • Reduce die polishing time—saving time and money
  • Optimize performance

The Right Media for the Job

Guyson Metalbead is the ultimate low-carbon steel shot media ideal for the cleaning of tire molds. Its microscopic spheres clean even in the hardest to reach areas. Protect your costly tooling from “induced wear” and dramatically reduce media consumption and disposal costs of materials that break down rapidly. GET MORE DETAILS

Taking on the Industry’s Toughest Challenges

You are invited to send dies and come to Saratoga Springs, NY for test cleaning at any time. To find out about the latest developments in mold and die cleaning or discuss your cleaning needs with a factory specialist, contact Guyson today: