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What’s NewGuyson Corporation Turns 80 years old

Guyson Corporation Turns 80 years old

The first Guyson blast cabinet

Our sister company, located in Skipton UK, built this little beauty 80 years ago

Our first blast cabinet built was built in 1940. This machine was the beginning of the most innovative company in the metal finishing industry. This simple machine began the innovation that led to larger automated systems to increase efficiency, constancy and safety.

This is one of our earliest automated rotating blast cabinets, what we now call our RXS Series. The ergonomics may not have been great, but the basic blast concept is still used today.

In 1975 Guyson built a new factory in the United States, located in Saratoga Springs, NY. Since that time Guyson Corporation USA has built over 2500 machines, and delivered them throughout the world.

In 1988 we held a competition to find the oldest work machine that we built at the time. W. & R. Leggot of Bradford, UK was still using a machine that he purchased in 1945. We delivered a new machine to them 43 years later. We recreated the old image with the same person showing the new machine. He looks a lot happier with the new machine doesn’t he?