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What’s NewMeet the New 401T-MAX Wheel-Blast Machine

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Meet the New 401T-MAX Wheel-Blast Machine

Double the horsepower. Double the speed. Guyson’s classic GWB-401T wheel-blast machine was already a legend. Now we’ve made it even better. We’ve amped up the 401T from a single 5 HP direct drive blast wheel up to 10 HP, maximizing performance and speed. Increase productivity and get more work done in a shorter amount of time […]

Guyson’s MultiBlast3D Puts the Finishing Touches on HP Jet Fusion 3D Parts

Guyson Corporation U.S.A. has announced it has partnered with HP to bring customers the MultiBlast3D, a blasting chamber tailored to post-process 3D printed parts for HP Jet Fusion 500/300 Series 3D printers. Prime applications for 3D-printed parts include the functional and aesthetic components for automotive, medical, and industrial manufacturers. Additive manufacturing and 3D printing usually […]

Peening Tri-Vessel RSSA-6

The Guyson Corporation of U.S.A. just completed an extended height custom RSSA-6 for precision shot peening critical helicopter main gear box rotor shafts. This system complies with AMS 2430 and is capable of bar-code scanning customers routing’s containing alpha numeric part numbers. The compact Logix L24 can store and recall over 1000 recipes. A precision machines table […]

Guyson’s Automated Tire Mold Cleaning System

Guyson Corporation has designed and built an automated tire mold cleaning system that features a precision nozzle manipulator with three axes of movement. The custom pressure-blast machine is engineered to quickly and non-destructively clean both two-piece and segmented molds. The roof-mounted nozzle motion system directs the blast from four pressure nozzles rigidly bracketed in position […]

Robotic Wet Blasting Systems for a Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

Wet Blasting Systems part of the Guyson Corporation USA has just completed the design and build of Two (2) Robotic Wet Blasting Systems for a Tier 1 automotive supplier. The WBS/Guyson Model RB36x36 Robotic Wet Blast System is designed for descaling and surface preparation of high volume drive line components. The RB36X36 system is fabricated […]

Wet Blast System For Aircraft Engine Components

Wet Blasting Systems part of the Guyson Corporation U.S.A. has just completed the design and build of a special wet blasting system for an Aerospace engine repair facility. The WBS/Guyson Model 72×36 is a Dual Operator System is designed for cleaning and surface preparation of low volume high value aircraft engine components up to 55 […]