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What’s NewGuyson’s AR-MAX – Blast Finishing for Firearms Industry

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Guyson’s AR-MAX – Blast Finishing for Firearms Industry

The AR-MAX is built for productivity! Three custom satellite tables for holding parts can blast up to 400 parts per hour, depending on your component size. Every part will get full blast coverage during the cycle time. When compared to a manual blast cabinet, the AR-MAX can reduce a process of several minutes down to […]

3D Printed Parts: Safely Smooth Out the Rough Edges

3D printing solutions have rapidly taken off and are now in mainstream use for prototyping, product design, and parts manufacturing. The materials used in 3D printing additives manufacturing, including photopolymers, thermoplastics, metals, and ceramics, often produce layers and rough edges on parts. Typically, parts that are printed with 3D technology have complex geometries. For manufacturers, […]

Meet the New 401T-MAX Wheel-Blast Machine

Double the horsepower. Double the speed. Guyson’s classic GWB-401T wheel-blast machine was already a legend. Now we’ve made it even better. We’ve amped up the 401T from a single 5 HP direct drive blast wheel up to 10 HP, maximizing performance and speed. Increase productivity and get more work done in a shorter amount of time […]

Peening Tri-Vessel RSSA-6

The Guyson Corporation of U.S.A. just completed an extended height custom RSSA-6 for precision shot peening critical helicopter main gear box rotor shafts. This system complies with AMS 2430 and is capable of bar-code scanning customers routing’s containing alpha numeric part numbers. The compact Logix L24 can store and recall over 1000 recipes. A precision machines table […]

Guyson’s Automated Tire Mold Cleaning System

Guyson Corporation has designed and built an automated tire mold cleaning system that features a precision nozzle manipulator with three axes of movement. The custom pressure-blast machine is engineered to quickly and non-destructively clean both two-piece and segmented molds. The roof-mounted nozzle motion system directs the blast from four pressure nozzles rigidly bracketed in position […]