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What’s NewLearn How A Blast System Functions

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Learn How A Blast System Functions

Both the cleanliness of parts and visibility in the blast cabinet are improved by a properly adjusted cyclone. Use of a cyclone reclaimer also permits “topping off” of the media level instead of batch replacement, resulting in media cost savings.


Proper surface preparation is essential for the success of any protective coating or bonding process. The importance of removing oil, grease, old coatings and surface contaminants cannot be over emphasized. Incomplete activation of the surface or removal of surface deposits, such as mill scale, rust on steel, and oxidation on non-ferrous metals, and residual material […]

Robotic Wet Blasting Systems for a Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

Guyson recently completed the engineering, design and build of 2 Custom Robotic Wet Blasting Systems for a Tier 1 automotive supplier. Learn more about these custom machines.