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What’s NewLearn How A Blast System Functions

Learn How A Blast System Functions

The Guyson Reclaim System
Is What Makes Our Machines Special.

A Guyson Blast System is a delicate balance of positive and negative pressure, that reclaims abrasive media to be reused or eliminated from the system. The animated video below demonstrates the complex process of a basic Guyson Blast System. Custom built machines become much more advanced, but the basic premise remains the same.

Guyson cyclone serves an important purposes in maintaining the effectiveness of the blast process. They are designed to separate dust and fines from the media mix, helping to ensure consistency surface blasting results.

Both the cleanliness of parts and visibility in the blast cabinet are improved by a properly adjusted cyclone. Use of a cyclone reclaimer also permits “topping off” of the media level instead of batch replacement, resulting in media cost savings.

The Guyson reclaim system has been designed to ensure the consistency of your blasting results. The performance of the cyclone separator depends on the right balance of air pressure to the blast gun and negative pressure in the blast system (performed by the dust collector). Dust and media are pulled by the flow of air from the bottom of the blast cabinet to the cyclone inlet. In the body of the cyclone, the heavier particles of good media stay to the outside and spiral downward around the inside of the cone. The lightweight dust and fines are suspended in the center of the cyclone and are extracted to the dust collector.

For more information on Guyson Reclaim Systems, go to www.guyson.com