Media Reclamation and the Importance of Routine Maintenance

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Media Reclamation and the Importance of Routine Maintenance

Proper media reclamation is key in all blasting applications. Each component of your Guyson blast system plays a role in how the media is reclaimed and requires routine maintenance in order for the system to work properly and efficiently.

Regardless of your machine’s configuration, each component of the blast system (cabinet, cyclone, reclaim, dust collector, etc.) is constructed to be completely sealed except for strategically placed vents and openings that control air/media flow. The overall performance of the blast system depends on the right balance of air flow and negative pressure.

Worn or damaged seals, gaskets, reclaim ducting, hoses and other cabinet parts introduce detrimental leaks into the system that will affect the pressure balance causing:

  • Dust and media escaping from the blast cabinet and other system components
  • Reduced velocity of media being reclaimed from the blast chamber and eventually leading to media build up in the blast cabinet and reclaim ducting
  • Poor media separation
  • Increased media consumption/media loss
  • Poor part finish

Regular inspection of the blast system is key as well as good housekeeping under and around the system. Media build up on the floor or around the system often indicates a leak is present.  Also, be sure to prevent and remove any foreign material or debris from building up in the cabinet which can cause blockages and media build up.

Exhaust hoses and reclaim ducting may appear to be intact but should be inspected closely for rips/tears that cannot be seen from a distance, check for any lose connections. If any hose or ducting is found to be damaged they should be replaced immediately.

Additional key areas that require routine checks for wear and/or damage that can adversely affect air flow and negative pressures:

  • Door seals (cabinet and dust collector)
  • Vertical load door(s) including door panels, door guides and seals
  • Window gaskets
  • Traverse gum rubber seal
  • Gum rubber curtains/gaskets on inner dividers and around the part load/unload area
  • Gasket/seals around inspection ports and access panels
  • Robot protective curtains
  • Hoses, ducting and their fittings and connections
  • Cyclone upper and lower bodies, impeller housing and impeller
  • Cyclone protective lining
  • Dirty or damaged filters (Never try to clean or shake off dust from the filters)
  • Dust collector and classifier waste drum cover gaskets

Refer to your user manual for detailed information on preventative maintenance of your specific blast system or contact Guyson Customer Service with any questions or further assistance.

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