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Guyson Robotic AutomationWhen a machine-tending robot is to be integrated with multiple machines in a work cell, especially when external or intermediate facilities are required for the transfer of components to the automated blasting system, Guyson is best equipped to engineer, design and build the elements of the system and provide a turn-key installation that meets your processing requirements.

Working as your partner in the development of the machine concept, and accommodating any special requirements that may apply, we have the engineering resources, including 3-D modeling and simulation software, to provide you with a total automation system that is practical and coincides with the way you want the equipment to function in your production environment. We are familiar with all applicable safety standards, and we make that our number one priority in the design of your cell.

In the experience of our customers, third-party robotics integrators, who may represent the blast process with a box on a flow chart, as if it was any other machine tool in a production sequence, often lack understanding of the specialized concerns of proper ventilation, the presence of loose abrasives and other issues unique to media-blast processing. When you partner with Guyson, you can be assured that these challenges are respected and overcome.