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Precision Processing of Firearm Components

Guyson works with leading firearm manufacturers and industry suppliers to meet the demands of high volume precision manufacturing of firearm components and products.

Cosmetic Bead Blasting

The appearance of a firearm is extremely important and can be enhanced in many ways. This might include a cosmetic precision matte finish or a custom stamp/engraving or type of surface finish on barrels, slides, revolver cylinders and other miscellaneous parts.

Visual appeal and texture or “feel” may be subtle and hard-to-define, but they play a major role in pride of ownership.

Guyson’s cosmetic bead blasting systems can blend-in superficial scratches and tool marks to produce an overall sheen finish that enhances and beautifies subsequent processes, such as aluminum or titanium anodizing.

Automated & Robotic Blast Systems

Guyson has a growing number of blast machine models to meet our customers’ requirements for precision and flexibility in surface preparation, shot peening, cleaning and finishing. Our automated and robotic blasting systems are built to remove minute defects, blemishes and burrs and prepare the surfaces of gun barrels and parts. An automated blast system can out-produce several manual cabinets, lowering processing costs, and improving finish quality. Guyson’s robotic blast systems eliminate inconsistency in the bead blast finishing process, even when working with complex shaped components of different sizes.

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