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Guyson’s Vaqua Wet Blasting is a unique finishing process. It is the only finishing process that can degrease, deburr, surface condition and leave a surgically clean surface in one operation

When Automated Blasting Systems became part of Guyson, the most prized asset acquired was a deep portfolio of wet-blast machine designs, including a complete range of standard models and custom-engineered systems of all types. The most valuable, however, is our connection to an active community of ABS wet blast system owners using slurry blasting technology for specialized applications.

From rugged manually operated wet blasting equipment to automated and robotic wet-blast systems, whatever your surface treatment requirements, no other machine builder offers you more choices.

The heart of the Guyson wet blasting system is our proprietary slurry pump, but our advanced wet-blast guns, our steeply sloped slurry hoppers and our field-proven engineered designs work in combination to provide superior performance and deliver the unique benefits of wet blast surface treatment technology.

Guyson Slurry Delivery System Diagram