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To serve our robotic blasting customers as efficiently as possible, Guyson has invested in training in the use of Teach Pendant programming, as well as the latest in robot motion programming software. Our off-line CAD/CAM-based systems generate extremely precise tool paths, so the surface speed, blast gun angle and nozzle stand-off distance are strictly maintained at every moment. It also eliminates trial-and-error programming methods and accelerates the engineering process.

Starting with an exact 3-dimensional engineering drawing of the component and the custom designed end-of-arm tooling, the parametric 3-D model of the blasting process not only yields a motion program that maximizes the efficiency of the robot’s movements, it accurately calculates the actual process cycle time.

Guyson’s advanced robot programming systems are a suite of off-line engineering tools that can be used remotely, so it is no longer necessary to depend on the robot teach pendant to develop motion programs. This saves many tedious hours, both during set-up of your robotic blast system at the Guyson factory and whenever motion programs must be developed for additional components – a big drawback if the blast machine is out of production during programming work.

Once the motion program for a particular component is saved and associated with an identifier, such as a part number entered or selected from a list, or a scannable bar code, the robotic blast system will store and recall the program and all the blast process parameters whenever that part is to be run, so set-up time for change-over of parts is frequently eliminated, generating an ongoing return on your equipment investment.