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Guyson’s AR-MAX - Blast Finishing for Firearms Industry

Guyson’s AR-MAX – Blast Finishing for Firearms Industry

The AR-MAX is built for productivity! Three custom satellite tables for holding parts can blast up to 400 parts per hour, depending on your component size. Every part will get full blast coverage during the cycle time. When compared to a manual blast cabinet, the AR-MAX can reduce a process of several minutes down to […]

Guyson Wet Blast

Guyson Wet Blast

We stand behind every machine we make Whether you need spare parts, blast media, maintenance information or answers to technical questions, Guyson’s Customer Service Team is ready to assist you.

Guyson Metalbead® MAX

Guyson Metalbead® MAX

GUYSON METALBEAD MAX is a soft iron spherical media and is produced after sieving and mechanical treatments following atomization of molten iron. Typical Applications (without dimensional changes to components): Removing heat treat scale from components and sintered powder metal parts; cleaning of extrusion dies; cleaning of glass molds; cleaning of tire molds; de-flashing of delicate […]