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Understanding and Maintaining Your Guyson Wheel Blasting Machine

Whether you’re maintaining a Guyson wheel blasting machine or just getting familiar with wheel-blast technology, it’s helpful to know the parts of the Guyson blast wheel, their functions, and how the blast wheel operates.

Key Components of the Guyson Blast Wheel

  1. Blastwheel Assembly:
    • The blastwheel assembly includes a funnel and feed pipe on the right, and the core on the left.
    • All parts that come into direct contact with the shot or grit are made from a very hard and brittle iron alloy to resist abrasion.
    • Media flows through the blastwheel at about 150 pounds per minute, making these components crucial for the machine’s operation.
  2. Metallic Media Feed:
    • Media is gravity-fed to the blast wheel via an adjustable feed gate, a funnel, and a feed pipe.
    • The media flows into the core of the blast wheel or blast turbine.
  3. Distributor:
    • At the center of the wheel is a cup-shaped distributor with fins that rotates at the speed of the blast turbine.
    • It pushes the media into the wheel blades, shoveling as much media into the wheel as possible.
  4. Regulator:
    • Surrounding the distributor is the cone-shaped regulator, which is stationary and directs media flow into the wheel at the correct point in its rotation.
    • This ensures the media is projected out of the wheel in the right pattern for efficient blasting.
    • Adjusting the regulator changes the blast pattern. A notch in the regulator is aligned with numbered holes in the blast wheel housing and secured with a set screw. Turning the regulator changes the location where the media enters, shifting the blast pattern.
  5. Armor Plates:
    • The blast wheel housing is lined with armor plates to protect it from abrasion and help direct the media.
Blast Cabinet satellite table for high volume blast finishing

Blast Cabinet satellite table for high volume blast finishing

Maintenance Tips

Regular monitoring and maintenance of all blast wheel parts are essential, as recommended in your machine’s owner manual. Here are some key points:

  • Inspection Schedule: Note the number of blast hours and inspect the blast wheel regularly to detect wear on blades, directional armor, the distributor, and the regulator. Replace worn parts as needed to maintain performance.
  • Blast Pattern Adjustment: A separate blog post will explain how to test and adjust the blast pattern.
  • Maintenance Support: Blast wheel inspection procedures are detailed in your owner manual. You can also request a maintenance bulletin from Guyson Customer Service.

For questions about your Guyson wheel-blast machine, maintenance tips, or spare parts, contact Guyson Customer Service. Call our toll-free hotline at 1-800-633-6677 (U.S. and Canada) or email us at custsvc@guyson.com.

By understanding and maintaining your Guyson wheel blasting machine, you can ensure its optimal performance and longevity!