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Built to Meet the Most Stringent Medical Specifications

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Guyson has designed and built blasting machinery for manufacturers of medical instruments, orthopedic implants and other medical devices and is one of only a few companies in the world that can provide the specialized engineering required by manufacturers of very high tolerance medical device parts.

Our engineering team works closely with customers to understand the unique specifications of each project to fully conform to all health and safety requirements. Our equipment is engineered to:

  • Eliminate dust in the work environment
  • Minimize damage to sensitive components
  • Handle highly specific and diverse surface finishing processes
  • Precisely control manufacturing and process repeatability
  • Meet stringent industry demands for quality and consistency
  • Improve workflow through easy operation

Tightly Controlled Precision Processing

Guyson’s proprietary, leading-edge integrated controls leave nothing to chance. Closed-loop monitoring across the entire manufacturing process reduces variation and addresses manufacturing issues as they arise, providing moment-to-moment data capture and recording of process data for analysis and verification, ensuring precise and repeatable results every time.

Custom Engineered Automated & Robotic Abrasive Blast Cleaning

Our automated and robotic blasting systems are built for grit blasting of medical implant devices and surface finishing processes after machining to remove minute defects, blemishes and burrs and remove discoloration and oxide layers from surfaces.

Rely on Our Experienced Team

We are uniquely qualified to take on even the toughest jobs, no matter how seemingly difficult or intricate. We rise to any challenge, place no limits on scale or complexity, and consistently deliver solutions to meet each customer’s very defined set of medical device specifications, tolerances, and performance standards.

Give us a shot and put us to the test. Let Guyson help find the solution that best meets your specs. Contact Guyson to discuss your requirements.