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Understanding and Maintaining Your Guyson Wheel Blasting Machine

Whether you’re maintaining a Guyson wheel blasting machine or just getting familiar with wheel-blast technology, it’s helpful to know the parts of the Guyson blast wheel, their functions, and how the blast wheel operates. Key Components of the Guyson Blast Wheel Blastwheel Assembly: The blastwheel assembly includes a funnel and feed pipe on the right, […]


The rotary table wheel blast machine is one of the most versatile types of batch processing blast systems for a wide variety of overall blast cleaning, surface preparation or finishing applications. Accessories can extend its usefulness for certain specialized purposes. When the blast pattern is properly adjusted to project a band of media over a wide […]

Out with the old and in with the new…when is it time to purchase a new machine?

When is it more cost effective to stop making repairs and start looking at purchasing a new system?  Here are a few of the major areas that customers should be looking at: If the bottom lip of the cabinet where the door seals is no longer making a complete seal and the doors can no […]

Protective Armor Maintenance

Your Guyson wheel blast machine has advanced abrasion protection in the form of thick armor plates that line the blast chamber in all areas directly exposed to the blast stream. The protective armor is case from extremely hard and wear resistant alloy to extend service life. However, due to constant contact with high volumes of […]

Blastwheel Blade Maintenance & Replacement

Routine inspections of your blastwheel assembly is key in preventing costly down time and keeps your Guyson Wheel Blast System operating as it should.  Included in each blastwheel assembly, are a total of six (6) blastwheel blades that act as “paddles” and are what project the media at the work surface of the part. As […]