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Guyson Blast BlogsWheel-Blast Machine Use and Maintenance


The rotary table wheel blast machine is one of the most versatile types of batch processing blast systems for a wide variety of overall blast cleaning, surface preparation or finishing applications. Accessories can extend its usefulness for certain specialized purposes.

The blast pattern of each blast wheel can be adjusted to project media for maximum effect.

The blast pattern of each blast wheel can be adjusted to project media for maximum effect.

When the blast pattern is properly adjusted to project a band of media over a wide area of the work table, the geometry, placement and orientation of the components has a major effect on the speed and thoroughness of coverage.

If parts are placed over the entire surface of the table, the work pieces placed in the center may tend to get the most even coverage, while those around the perimeter of the table get less intensive exposure to blast on the aspect of the component that is facing away from the blast wheel.

Our satellite table option is especially helpful when working with components that are more complex in shape, with some detailed features or surfaces that are not easily accessible to the stream of media particles, due to shadowing effects or due to exposure when they are at a much greater distance from the blast wheel.

Satellite tables multiply the number of angles of media impingement to enable more rapid and thorough coverage, 360-degrees-around, by exposing all sides of the parts to more direct blast.

Available in different diameters and configurations, the removable satellite table assembly mounts on the main turntable of the wheel blast machine. Each mini-table has six arms, one of which contacts a padded bumper on every revolution of the main table, rotating the satellite approximately 60 degrees. After six revolutions of the main table, parts on each  satellite have had full-intensity exposure on all sides.

Guyson offers satellite tables for machines with the 40-inch diameter table and for those with a 70-inch diameter table. Some customers use this accessory in combination with custom designed component-holding fixtures to present parts to the blast in a specific orientation.

To find out if satellite tables might solve a coverage problem for you, contact Guyson and speak with one of our wheel blast applications specialists.


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