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Guyson GWB 702T Airless Blasting System

Rough, Tough and More Than Enough 

Go Big with Guyson’s 702T Airless Blasting System

An industrial workhorse engineered for fast, high-volume cleaning and finishing of big and heavy components.

Are you batch processing molds, dies or bulky work pieces? Then the 702T is a great fit. It has everything you need to get your big jobs done, fast and efficiently, including:

  • Two 10 HP blast turbines: Designed to rotate in opposite directions, they deliver approximately 440 lbs. of media per minute in an extended blast pattern up to 36 inches long
  • Big, 70-inch diameter turntable: Ideal for low-profile work, batch processing of molds, dies or flat work pieces with limited vertical surfaces
  • 4,000 pound weight capacity: The gear-driven rotary table is made of 3/4” thick perforated Ni-Hard cast alloy segments that can be removed and replaced should they be damaged due to prolonged wear and tear, dropped products or dies
  • Heavily armored table and cabinet: Areas directly exposed to media blasts are protected with abrasion-resistant cast iron alloy plates and the inside of the blasting enclosure is lined with thick rubber sheeting for added abrasion protection
  • Touch-screen system controls: Designed to be user-friendly, the control panel displays data and monitors the status of all system functions

Guyson’s Enhanced Shot Reclamation System

The 702T wheelblast machine comes standard-equipped with a high-performance three-stage reclamation system that includes:

  • Rotary sieve: Screens out course contaminants
  • Cascade air wash separator: Removes dust and fine particles from the working media mix
  • Adjustable cyclone separator: Good shot or grit that would otherwise be carried over to the dust collector is captured for reuse
  • Sensitive multi-stage reclaim: Enables the use of microscopic shot media for non-destructive cleaning or satin finishing applications
Guyson’s 702T wheelblast reclamation system

Guyson Model D2000 Dust Collector

Guyson Model D2000 Dust Collector

Guyson’s dust collectors are engineered to outperform general-purpose dust collectors and bag-type equipment. The 702T is a complete blasting system and includes a powerful, freestanding Guyson D2000 dust collector. Reverse pulse air jets provide automatic cleaning of filter cartridges.

Optional Features

702 Transfer Cart

Wheel transfer cart

Simplify the loading and handling of bulky items. This rigidly welded cart features a roll-in table fabricated in manganese steel and a catch tray to collect media that might be carried out when blast cleaned components are unloaded.

Guyson 702T optional fire suppression system

Fire suppression package

For high risk applications, Guyson offers fire suppression systems, deflag vents, and other options for both new and existing equipment. Contact Guyson for more information about the fire suppression solutions we offer.