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What’s NewAdjustable Height for the Perfect Ergonomic Fit

Adjustable Height for the Perfect Ergonomic Fit

The ergonomic solution for multiple-user blast cleaning and finishing operations

Working at a manual blasting cabinet for a long period can cause fatigue. If you are bending or slouching that can only exacerbate the problem. If you want people to be productive we have the solution. The optional adjustable height machines from Guyson Corporation are the solution. From small hand cabinets to larger manual cabinets we can make it happen.

ergonomic adjustable height Blast cabinet

Large model 10 with adjustable height, lifts the user not the machine.


Built on robustly welded lifting channels, you can easily move the blast cabinet wherever it’s needed most.

Different sized operators can adjust the cabinet to the perfect height for their own convenience and ease of use. A simple turn of a switch is all it takes to actuate the motor driven height adjuster.

When you eliminate the most common cause of operator fatigue and discomfort, employees will naturally be more productive.

■ Overall machine height electrically adjustable between 45″ and 57″ from floor to centerline of glove holes

■ Unique cantilevered frame design allows maximum operator standing comfort and easy relocation of equipment via fork lift

■ Standard and “Extra-Wide” armholes available with attached or unattached gloves and optional padded armrests

■ Three-door cabinet design simplifies loading / unloading of heavy or bulky components through the front of the machine

■ Available with suction or pressure feed media delivery