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What’s NewNylon Bead

Taxonomy: Plastic

Nylon Bead

 Nylon Bead is a plastic media with extremely low abrasive characteristics that’s cylindrical Shape allows for faster through put of parts and exceptional operation life. Applications: Light Deburring, Deflashing

Polystyrene Bead

Polystyrene Bead is very soft and gentle-acting plastic bead media, capable of knocking off light burrs or flash without altering the surface finish of precision components. Applications: Deflashing sensitive electronic components, delicate plastic parts, light Deburring

Polycarbonate Bead

Polycarbonate Bead is a soft, resilient cylindrical bead with very consistent particle size. Dust free and durable, this pellet-like media removes burrs or flash by impact with no effect on adjacent surfaces. Applications: Deflashing, Deburring of machined parts

Acrylic Plastic Grit

Acrylic Plastic Grit is of medium hardness and aggression among angular plastic grit media, but its lower fracture rate gives it a longer service life in stripping coatings from composites and delicate substrates Applications: Tool Cleaning, Die and Mold Cleaning, Light Deburring, Paint Removal, thin fiberglass components, thin gauge metals, aircraft components, stripping

Type III Plastic Grit (Melamine)

Type III Plastic Grit (Melamine) is the hardest and most aggressive of the common plastic media, capable of frosting soft metal parts and suitable for cleaning tougher surface deposits and harder coatings Applications: Hard Deposit Cleaning, Removal of Surface Oxidation, Reconditioning, Removal of paint from hard materials such as molds, engines, iron and steel.

Type II Plastic Grit (Urea)

Type II Plastic Grit (Urea) is somewhat harder and more durable than Type I. This angular grit is slightly more aggressive in stripping coatings without peening or roughening the substrate. (Is available with MIL SPEC MIL-P-858991A certification) Applications: Rust Removal, Light Deflashing, Removal of paint , anti-corrosions coatings and thin metals such as aircraft aluminum […]

Type I Plastic Grit

Type I Plastic Grit is the softest and least aggressive of the common plastic grits, with angular granules that act like thousands of tiny chisels in stripping sensitive substrates Applications: Light Cleaning, Mold and Die Cleaning, Paint Removal, Light Deburring,   thin metals such as aircraft aluminum and automotive restorations