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Guyson Blast BlogsAir-Blast Machine Use and Maintenance


Why you should change the breather pads on your Air Blast machine regularly:

  • Improve air flow
  • Remove dust from inside the cabinet and improve visibility
  • Improve the efficiency of the dust collection unit

What are Breather Pads and where are the located?

The breather pads on your Guyson blasting system are small foam pads that can be located on the main blast cabinet of the system. They are crucial in allowing air to be drawn into the system from the atmosphere to create proper air flow.  As the breather pads allow air to be drawn into the system they also filter that air so that atmospheric contaminants do not get pulled into the system. Once the blast system has been in operation for a while and the more air gets pulled through the breather pads the contaminants in the air will get trapped in the fibers of the pad and it will begin to clog. The more contaminants build up in the breather pad, the more the air flow in the blast system will reduce.


Once the air flow in the system is reduced enough because of the lack of pass through of a contaminated breather pad(s) you will start to see:

  • A drop in negative pressure as shown on the Magnehelic gauge
  • Dust building up inside the cabinet or possibly escaping from the system
  • Reduced visibility inside the cabinet because of excess waste media

Breather pads on an air blast system are inexpensive but vital to its efficiency and keeping the work area around the system clean and tidy.

If you would like some new breather pads for your blast system or information on preventative maintenance for your blast system please contact our customer service team !


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