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Mitigating Dust Cloud

Risk of fire although generally small is an ever-present danger when dust of any type is involved. Every application will be different; two individually safe materials may become a hazardous material when mixed. The risk of fire caused by blasting materials may be significantly reduced by following these guidelines.

  1. Good general housekeeping, clean up all spilled media and machine waste immediately.
  2. Empty waste containers daily or more frequently as required. In some cases dilution with dry sand, 3 parts sand to 1 part waste or as determined by experimentation, is recommended by the NFPA.
  3. Avoid creating a dust cloud when emptying waste containers.
  4. Maintain the air supply to both the blast cabinet and the dust collector as dry as possible. Moisture reacting with the waste material is a known cause of fires.
  5. Maintain a good electrical ground on the entire system, to discharge static electricity build-up.
  6. Avoid contamination of the system with unknown materials.
  7. Parts being blasted must be oil free and dry .
  8. Do not attempt to clean dust collector cartridges by vacuuming, tapping, or blowing off with compressed air.
  9. Proper maintenance to keep the system in peak operating condition, as detailed in the owner’s manual.
  10. Insure adequate safety precautions when performing welding, grinding, vacuuming, or other static or spark producing operations in or near the equipment.
  11. Guyson offers many solutions to help mitigate  the risk including but not limited to fire suppression systems.


As Guyson Corporation of USA has no control over the parts or products treated by the blast process; we cannot give advice regarding special disposal requirements caused by the residue from your materials.


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