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Guyson Blast BlogsAir-Blast Machine Use and Maintenance


The pressure vessel in a pressure media delivery system is considered one of the most important components to the entire blasting operation.  Regular maintenance is key to keeping your system operational and prevents costly damage to the vessel itself and the entire pneumatic system/media delivery system .

The vessel, handway covers and view ports (if equipped) should be inspected daily for corrosion, pitting, leaks or other damage. Check all airlines and fittings for leaks and air supply for moisture and contaminants daily. The level sensors and internal sealing mechanism(s) should be inspected for alignment, wear and/or damage weekly (more aggressive applications may require more frequent inspections. Contact Guyson Customer Service or log into your MyGuyson  for more detailed information on pressure vessel maintenance.


Damaged vessel wall due to damaged sealing mechanism

Blog 3

Damaged vessel wall due to damaged sealing mechanism

Refer to your facilities lock-out/tag-out procedures and always relieve pressure before servicing any pressure vessel.

Blog 1Located inside the vessel is a mechanism that acts like a stopper that closes the vessel off to allow the unit to fill with compressed air and opens to allow media to fill the chamber (s). If this mechanism is not aligned properly or is worn to the point that it cannot create a good seal, media and compressed air can escape acting almost like a blast gun.  This over time this will cause damage to the vessel interior & exterior walls and chambers, prevent the system from being able to pressurize and ultimately ceasing the ability to blast (actual time depends on extent of damage, media used, air pressure, etc.).


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