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Safety and Security

Industrial security has always been a focus for Guyson as many of our products and services are in mission-critical industries. Medical, Aerospace, Firearms and other applications need to be safe and reliable, which means they also need to be secure from threats.

Most companies allow access to their internal corporate applications in much the same way they did twenty years ago. However, business models have changed—enterprise digital ecosystems, cloud applications and distributed users means that IT needs agility to react in a timely manner to organizational and user requirements, as well as provide secure remote application access to employees, contractors, customers, and partners. Traditional access technologies like VPNs, proxies and remote desktop technologies just do not cut it anymore.

Industrial intranet communications has expanded exponentially and so has the ability of our Blast systems to communicate and through this complicated medium. Guyson blast systems can integrate data delivery in a secure real-time environment and can display the data on the display medium of your choice with only the data points needed.

Guyson Robotic Blast System-Safety Light Curtains-Area Scanner-Interlocks

Guyson can integrate web-based access to our systems. Through these access points, we can securely upload, download, change programming, diagnose and troubleshoot PLC, HMI and other component issues that may arise. All programs are stored in house on our encrypted servers so there is always a secured safe copy available to our customers. Whether it be thru MyGuyson’s web portal where you can download the program (PLC, HMI or Robot) then download to device for restoration or if you need help Guyson skillful programmers can remote into your system and do it for you. (If modem equipped)

When talking about safety the most important aspect is human error. As technology advances we keep up with current innovative safety devices (e.g. light curtains, Safety PLC’s and controls, safety switches and caging placed to keep operators from being able to start machines while in harm’s way etc.)

Guyson will always commit to making the Safest and most Secure systems on the market. Keeping up to date with accepted industrial standards (OSHA 1910, NEC 2017, NFPA 70-2017 and UL 508a + 698a) and exceeding requirements.


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