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Advanced Deburring

Impact treatment can be an elegant solution for a variety of deburring and edge finishing problems. When a blast process can do the work, automated blast deburring is usually the fastest and lowest cost approach to this secondary operation.Looking at the advantages of the impact deburring treatment process, blast medias have the ability to penetrate narrow openings, tight recesses and very fine details that might be difficult to access by other means of deburring, such as grinding or filing. It can also be done selectively, so that impact treatment is concentrated on specific areas of the component that are subjected to burrs from machining processes.

Polycarbonate Bead

Polycarbonate Bead

Nonabrasive media such as plastic beads can effectively remove burrs without alteration of adjacent surfaces that may already have a desired, final finish. However, if your purpose is to include cosmetic finishing, texturing or surface preparation of component surfaces for another manufacturing process, in addition to removing burrs, media blasting can accomplish both tasks in one single operation.

Another ability of blasting media that is important to mention in a discussion of deburring is rebound and ricochet. Certain materials, especially resilient plastic media such as polycarbonate bead, will bounce and ricochet on impact, yet retain enough energy to do some deburring work on the second or third time they strike the component surface. These rebound effects can be harnessed to work away at stubborn burrs located on internal surfaces of components.


Skull Drills

What happens to burrs after they are removed from components is another important subject to focus on. These sharp pieces of material removed from the part, represent contaminates if they circulate through the blast system with the media. One major concern is having the burrs lodge or accumulate in working parts of the blast system, causing clogs or other malfunctions. Another, and sometimes more serious, concern is that burrs could be projected onto the component and cause damage to critical surfaces.


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