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Reading the Fine Print – Cosmetic Finishes for 3D Printing

3D printing is extremely useful in developing parts with complex geometries and is giving users in different industries the ability to create new products and product prototypes with an accuracy that they never could before. Traditional manufacturing processes are either unable to create the parts, create them with the same degree of accuracy or require very costly ways of making them. To complete the components after they have been 3D printed sand blasting is a safe and cost effective option.

One complaint of 3D printing with plastic materials is that they come out shiny with a reflective surface which isn’t always desirable. Etching the part with a low intensity grit application from a sandblasting unit will give the part a nice matte finish without damaging it.

When 3D printing with metals for example, the problem is the opposite. The natural finish of the laser printing process is already matte. By honing the the part in a sandblasting unit will give the surface a brighter more reflective look.

  • Smoothing over product striation lines
  • Removing any excess or loose particles from laser printed parts
  • Prepare the surface prior to paint or coating
  • Apply a desirable cosmetic finish

MultiBlast3D Made for HP Jet FusionGuyson has developed unique systems that have been designed specifically for the surface finishing of all 3D printed components as well as a wide variety of medias to suit your application. If you would like to know more about how Guyson can help your 3D printing application or would like us to test some part samples in the Guyson laboratory please contact us!

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