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Shot Peening To Increase Gear Life

Often time’s people are unaware of the differences between grit blasting and shot peening, in reality these are two very different processes. Grit blasting is a process which involves surface cleaning and abrasion applications. Shot peening however, is a surface enhancement process which improves fatigue resistance. Peening impacts the surface of a material to compress into the subsurface and thereby improving the resistance to stress corrosion cracking and make the material stronger and for this reason, machined parts that are put under stress such as gears, splines, and shafts are an ideal candidate for peening.

Peening is an accurate and repeatable process in which there are many variables; the type, size, and hardness of shot, the desired intensity/coverage, and the type of machine being used. We at Guyson have the capabilities to adhere to a wide range of  specifications including but not limited to AMS 2430, AMS 2432, P11TF3, P11TF8, CSS 119, CSS 120, and BAC 5730.

Guyson also utilizes molding and 3D printing to develop unique and customized masking tailored to any part which prevents any unwanted over-blasting. Through multi-screen classification and the use of Spiralator separation Guyson can ensure accurate results with complete repeatability and meet any specification with state of the art technology and methodology.


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