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The Future of Turbine Blasting

Guyson has perfected the capability of automating turbine blade and turbine vein surface cleaning prior to blade repair with the Guyson RB-10. What was once a primarily manual process has now become automated to the point where the operator can be productive elsewhere during the blasting cycle.1-2015-12-18-10-05-05-1

The turbine is fixtured by the root and is blasted with aluminum oxide to etch away any contamination. The Guyson RB-10 has integrated a Single Source Panel with Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC as well as an Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 600 which allows us the
ability to incorporate a recipe driven function
selection which adjusts program parameters to account for low, medium, and high levels of contamination. Guyson’s  RB-10 is a very versatile piece of equipment, in instances where there is no fixture point or masking required (i.e. Turbine veins) a simple 3D printed attachment re-grip fixture  for end of arm tooling can be utilized to achieve full coverage.

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