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Guyson Robotic Blasting and Your Parts

One of the many excellent reasons for choosing to use Robotic Blasting as your surface finishing solution is flexibility.  Being able to use an automated blasting process and have the ability to blast multiple parts with a variety of different geometries in the same blast system by simply programming the robot and not have to physically re-align multiple guns, standoff positions and blast angles.

So when choosing a custom robotic blasting equipment supplier why settle for basic part fixturing, critical area masking or end of arm tooling solutions? Why not have something that is designed and produced to be tailored to your part and your blasting application?

By using 3D modeling software and Guysons recent investment in a number of state of the art 3D printing equipment, to go with our already existing ones and increase our capabilities, we can design and create part fixtures, part masks and end of arm tooling that is unique to your part. So how is the beneficial?

GUY_2833AB-8x12A (1)

At a glance:

  • Increased part stability when blasting using part manipulation
  • Increased protection of critical surfaces
  • Quick change over between parts
  • Reduced risk of “gripper failure”
  • Low cost, rapid development of new tooling/masking for new products

When talking about Robotic Blasting the words you will hear time and time again that best describe this process are; accuracy, repeatability, flexibility and consistency.  Having the ability to design and create custom part fixturing, masking and end of arm tooling is another step in taking those four elements and combining them to be able bring a whole new dimension to custom automated blasting solutions.

Each blasting application and each part being blasted is unique but in our near 80 years of blasting experience here at Guyson we have seen a lot of different types whether it be Turbine Blades, Medical Implants, Power Generation or Engine components. With close to 100 Guyson Robotic Blasting Installations in the field today we have been and still are leading the way in the industry and our dedicated to finding the best solution to fit YOUR needs.

So if you would like to know more about Robotic Blasting or Blasting in general please contact us today or you can read some of our other blog posts or product newsletters.


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