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Shot Peening Experts at Guyson

The Aerospace shot peening industry is changing.  Where CNC based systems once ruled, robotic methods are now moving the industry forward.  Guyson engineering developments in the shot peening industry have shown robots to be reliable, repeatable, efficient and flexible.  AMS 2432 can be achieved with great consistency and efficiency using a Guyson Robotic Shot Peening Work Cell.

The Guyson Engineering team has developed systems offering companies great flexibility ;Industries - Aerospace

Plant Layout

  • Custom floor plan arrangements designed to fit any manufacturing arrangement.

Part Flow

  • Specific to customer needs.
  • Part flow can be accommodated in one piece or batch processing.  Our systems are designed with broad flexibility with a wide range of incoming part staging alternatives.
  • One Guyson Robotic work cell can process a vast array of components typically requiring multiple machines running individual processes.
  • Systems can be configured to stage product for processing within the Guyson work cell.  Queued parts are processed and tracked according to customer specifications and industry standards.

Operator Efficiencies

  • The operator is now free to tend adjacent machines due to Guyson innovation.
    • Automatic tool changer
      • A variety of parts can be processed in Guyson automated shot peening cells in part due to an advanced automatic tool changer that can alternate between standard nozzles, lance nozzles and grippers as directed by the robot program
  • New parts can be easily added to the part program list through the HMI.  Robot programs are also simply added using 1-GUY_6858abcdprogram templates.

Data Flow

  • From the scan of your part traveler to communication with internal networks, Guyson can tailor the flow of information according to customer requirements.
    • Path program data can be maintained on the customer server for control of data and revisions or stored locally in the robot controller if preferred.
    • The system can provide a point of access for retrieval of process data by the customer’s plant wide data collection network.

Process Verification and Control

  • Whether using single piece or batch flow, PVT’s (Process Verification Tools) can be developed with the customer for specified intensity and coverage checks.
  • Automated catch test components can be included for media flow verification.
  • System provides a reliable and repeatable means of process control.

Operator Interface

  • Touch screens are developed specifically for the customer’s system and application with full display of process parameters, process feedback, customized machine controls and messaging.  Data collection values can be displayed or placed in a file format specified by the customer, or both.
  • Current process data can be displayed on the HMI in a simplified graphical format.


  • Robots interact with 7th axis servos for wide ranging flexibility.  Zero backlash gear boxes are used for accurate, consistent part position.   Active fixture design allows part gripping and rotation for access to all areas of the part with positional feedback.  High quality grippers are used for consistent part handling.
  • Internal – for plant wide data communication
  • Remote (offsite) access allowing Guyson to monitor the equipment and provide diagnostics if needed.  In some cases this can dramatically decreases costs associated with downtime.
    • Future process modifications made easy.
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