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Suited and Booted -Protecting Your Robot in Harsh Environments

Robots are rather resilient to the effects of contaminants such as dust and various 1-dsc_0303
types of debris.  However, in harsh environments additional measures must be taken to protect your investment.  A Guyson protective robot suit will can lesson these detrimental effects ensuring more equipment up-time and lower long term maintenance costs. Whether the robot is mounted internally or outside the blast cabinet a Guyson protective robot suit is a wise choice.

What makes a Guyson robot suit different?

It starts with the choice of materials but doesn’t end there.  We often use Hypalon.  However, any manufacturer of protective suits can choose a durable, resilient material such a Hypalon.  Hypalon is a chlorosulfonated polyethylene synthetic rubber that has a reinforced flexible geomembrane giving it excellent resistance to things like; abrasion, extreme temperatures, certain chemicals and oxidation.  Given the increasing demand within businesses for more robotic solutions there are many good ‘off the shelf’ robot suits available.  These are often sufficient however when it comes to the custom built robotic blast systems a more tailored solution is required.


The difference is in the engineering, the design.


Years of experience robotically blasting has provided the Guyson Engineering team a keen understanding of robot suit failure modes and how to address them, by design.  Our suits are engineered to be simple overall and designed with vital exclusive details included adding resilience, less restrictions while providing longer life.

Working closely with our customers, Guyson will design and manufacture a custom robot suit specific to the needs of the application in any industry.

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