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Changing Out The Media In Your Wet Blast System

Wet Blasting Systems are sometimes referred to as “Slurry Blasters”.  This is because unlike a Dry Blast System that uses just the blast media and compressed air to process the work piece, Wet Blasting, as the name suggests uses a third element which is water. The Wet Blasting process involves mixing the blast media with the water to create what is often referred to as the “Slurry” hence why it is sometimes referred to as Slurry Blasting.

One of the frequent concerns Guysons customers that are new to the Wet Blasting process have is that once the blast media in their system has broken down or they want to move from say a grit type media to a glass bead, they will have to dump out the whole system, refill it with water and then add the new media. This is not the case.

You can change out the blast media in your Wet Blasting system WITHOUT having to remove the water! Pretty neat right? So how is this possible? This is achieved by using what is called a Wet Cyclonic Separator (pictured). The Wet Cyclonic Separator operates in much the same principal as the Cyclonic Separator that is used on a dry blast system for media classification however instead of trying to separate the dry dust from the good blast media, it is separating the old media from the water. Using centrifugal force the Wet Cyclone forces the heavier media particles to the outside as the water is pulled back out the top and fed back into the cabinet via the blast guns. The media particles that are forced out of the water are collected in the bottom of the cyclone, ready to then be dumped out.

From left to right; Guysons large Wet Cyclonic Separator and Guysons small Wet Cyclonic Separator




If you would like a Wet Cyclonic Separator for your Wet Blast system or for step by step instructions on how to use it, contact Guyson today.

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