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Three Ranges of Motion Contained Inside a Small Footprint For Surface Preparation

Sometimes when looking for flexibility in a blasting system the cost and floor space requirements that come with a certain types of systems are just out of reach but the application requires a more engineered approach than a traditional single axis or twin axis system. Using a state of the art 3-axis motion system Guyson now has a compact, easy to use and affordable Wet Blasting System that utilizes; vertical, horizontal and rotary motion to provide an even better finish. Being able to program and manipulate the Blast Nozzle over the X, Y and R axis as well as the being available in twin or single spindle models allows parts to be blasted in the most hard to reach areas while still offering consistent and repeatable coverage across the surface of the work piece. The arching motion of the rotary axis is ideal for tracking critical edges on parts such as cutting tool tips.

Modern day cutting tools and carbide inserts can be essential to the day to day operations of a business. They are used for very precise operations to create work pieces that could not be done cost effectively by hand. Therefor their reliability is of paramount importance and when you consider how much stress and abrasion is placed on them whilst in use, ensuring good wear resistance becomes top of any manufacturers list and that comes with the right coating.

Proper surface preparation is essential for the success of any protective coating or bonding process. The importance of removing oil, grease, old coatings and surface contaminants (such as mill scale, rust on steel, and corrosion on galvanized surfaces) cannot be over emphasized. The proper adhesion is directly dependent upon the correct and thorough preparation of the surface prior to coating or bonding. Even the most expensive and technologically advanced coating system will fail if the surface preparation is incorrect or incomplete.

Wet blasting is unique in its ability to effectively prepare a surface prior to coating or bonding because it both cleans and preps the surface of the work piece all in one and this entry level blasting system is priced to appeal to those that want to reduce their scrap costs, part failures and the potential liabilities associated with manual blasting systems without breaking the bank on much larger automated systems.