Wet Blasting Systems and Your Motorcycle

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Wet Blasting Systems and Your Motorcycle

Restoring an old motorcycle? Perhaps you’ve been caught up in the Café Racer trend that is currently going on in the motorcycle industry or maybe like many others you enjoy Vintage Motorcycle racing and spending your weekends flying around a track or getting covered in mud on the dirt course. Whatever it may be when it comes to your motorcycle, Wet Blasting or Vapor Blasting as it’s sometimes referred to, is the way to go and here’s why;

We’ve all heard the saying “working like a well-oiled machine”.  That’s because for most working parts to work well together they require a bit of grease or oil but what happens when that oil and grease begins to age or becomes baked onto parts? They can become very difficult to clean. You could soak them for a couple of hours and give them a good scrub or even dry blast them but what about all that nasty oil clogging up your media?

WBS(Wet Blasting Systems) a product of Guyson Corporation utilizes a three part solution of media, water and small amounts of compressed air compared to a dry blasting process which uses the same technique of firing shot or grit through a blast nozzle using compressed air just without the water. Using a Wet Blast Systems allows for simultaneous cleaning and degreasing of parts therefor oily, grimy parts can be put straight into the system without the need for a more traditional pre-blasting degreasing application helping to save the operator time.


The water in the system helps create a buffer between the media being used and the surface of any part being treated. This buffering effect protects the media from embedding in the surface of the component, critical when processing parts that may have oil going through them as any left-over grit could mix with the oil and cause further damage to the part. The buffering effect of the water also helps to prolong the working life of the media in the system, ultimately saving the end user money. What’s more is because of the scrubbing effect of the water and media Wet Blasting will give your parts a clean, bright finish perfect for getting the best possible ‘pop’ out that new chrome work but if chrome’s not your thing, maybe you want an aggressive all black look, Wet Blasting is still able to provide a surface etch to your parts where needed to help that new paint last longer.

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