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Guyson Blast BlogsWheel-Blast Machine Use and Maintenance


The Blastwheel assembly is one of if not the most important components on a Guyson Wheelblast System. Constant contact with high volumes of media – 150 pounds or more per minute – over hundreds of hours of operation, gradually produces wear of the Blastwheel blades, upper and directional wheel armor, distributor and regulator.MID_4433-A

Preventative maintenance of the Blastwheel assembly is extremely important and can prevent costly repairs and machine downtime. Inspection of this assembly is recommended every 50 to 100 hours of operation.


Symptoms of worn Blastwheel parts include the following:

  • Incomplete cleaning or finishing and longer-than-usual cleaning cycles
  • Diffused blast pattern or difficulty in adjustment of the blast pattern
  • Signs of wear on adjacent cabinet wall or the blast wheel housing


Component Inspection: What to Look For

  • Blades or directional armor worn more than 25% of original thickness
  • Blade or armor surfaces appear deeply rippled or have cavities
  • Blades or armor unevenly worn or thinner on one edge
  • Armor wear plates do not fit snugly together
  • Regulator or distributor appear heavily and/or unevenly worn
  • Wear of the Blastwheel itself due to worn Blastwheel blades and armor

Blast Wheel Blades

Blastwheel Blades

Worn Blastwheel Blades

Worn Blastwheel and Blastwheel Blades


For Assistance with Inspection Or Parts Identification

Please refer to your machine Owner Manual for detailed procedures and additional periodic maintenance inspection points. If you need a quotation on some replacement parts, or you could use a little help to complete your inspection, it is available from the Guyson factory on weekdays from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM Eastern Time or Request a Quote today !


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