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FAQs: Frequently asked questions about Guyson automatic die cleaning systems…

Q        How does the Guyson die cleaning system work?

A        It combines a specially adapted automatic blast machine with the gentle cleaning action of nonabrasive media. Dies are placed on a rotary table, the doors are closed, then the cycle is started. Millions of microscopic, spherical metal beads are projected onto the work and impact die surfaces as the table rotates, pulverizing and removing heat scale, caustic residues, etc.  During the 2 to 5 minute cleaning cycle the operator is free for other work.


Q        Outer die surfaces are no issue. Do the bearing surfaces of the tooling get clean?

A        The tiny round beads penetrate narrow openings and complex profile shapes, then rebound and impact other surfaces. This rebound cleaning effect accounts for the ability to thoroughly clean interior surfaces and complicated contours – even those that are not directly accessible.


Q        Does the blasting process roughen die surfaces and increase polishing time?

A       No. The bead is extremely fine, spherical, of precise hardness, uniform in sizing, and it is propelled at the right velocity, angle and distance to do the cleaning work without metal removal or dimensional change. Surface texture of dies is not altered by Guyson’s process.  Many users have reported a reduction in die polishing time after introducing the Guyson die cleaning process.


Q        Will we better results using special Guyson media ?

A       GUYSON METALBEAD has strong advantages over other media choices.When using Metalbead,media consumption can be reduced from the thousands pounds per year in most glassbead installations to less than 250 pounds per year in most Guyson Metalbead installations. Guyson Metalbead is the ultimate media for complex dies and molds because it consists of microscope spheres that can clean in hard to reach areas. Guyson Metalbead is soft so it resists fracture and will leave molds or dies damage free unlike glassbead that has  sharp particles that tend eat away at the substrate .



Q        How big is Guyson’s die cleaning machine and how much compressed air is used?

A        Our most popular Model, the GWB-401T, is 11.5′ H with a 54″ x 66″ footprint. The blast process does not rely on compressed air. The bead is projected onto the work by a paddle-bladed turbine powered by an electric motor. Automatic pulsing of the dust collector requires 10 cfm @ 90 psi intermittently. Optional automatic airwash blow-off also demands plant air.Guyson also offers larger models (Click here to see)


Q        How many dies can be processed at one time in a Guyson die cleaning system?

A        In our GWB-401T, from 1 up to 16 or more per load, depending on die sizes.

Cover the entire surface of the 40″ diameter table, leaving a little space between dies if you want to clean the O.D. of dies, then turn them over, repeat the process.


Q        Where can I see a Guyson die cleaning system in operation or get more information ?

A        Start by speaking to a few users in the industry, if you like, some of whom may welcome a visit. You are invited to send dies and come to Saratoga Springs for test cleaning at any time.

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