Maintaining Your Wheel Blast Elevator Belt

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Maintaining Your Wheel Blast Elevator Belt

Wheelblast: Elevator Belt Maintenance

The elevator belt system is designed for the recirculation and deliver of blast media. A failure to properly maintain the elevator belt system can cause expensive damage to the entire media delivery system.

Wear of elevator components is gradual and unavoidable. Abrasive blast media will accelerate wear and require more frequent maintenance, including the replacement of wear items such as the elevator belt, tension pulleys and media buckets.

Wheelblast : Worn Elevator Belt

Without proper inspection it is easy to neglect the elevator belt. Using the elevator inspection ports, examine the belt for uneven wear. Thin spots, or blisters is a sure sign that the belt may soon need replacing and serious damage may occur.

Check the edges of the belt for any evidence of dry cracks or tears associated with constant use. Pay extra attention to the belt Guyson-GWB702T-Wheelblast Machinejoint/splice kit for any damage for loose hardware.

To keep down time to an absolute minimum, many owners keep an extra belt in inventory.

Note: For the first 4-6 weeks of the use and/or after new installation, check the elevator belt tension weekly as it will tend to stretch. Thereafter, it will stabilize and should not require any ore inspections apart from the normal schedule.

Wheelblast: Tension Pulleys

Pulley maintenance is important to ensure a proper supply of blast media to your media delivery system.  When listening to your system during operation, a knocking or banging sound is an indicator that the elevator belt is loose and tension pulleys need adjustment.

Make sure the tension pulleys for the elevator belt are not showing excessive signs of wear. Check all bearings and lube according to your machine maintenance schedule.

With the inspection port open, make sure the belt is tracking evenly and in the center of the pulleys. Pulleys should be square to each other and maintaining a constant speed.

Wheelblast:  Media Buckets

Media buckets should be inspected often. Make sure that each bucket is firmly attached to the belt. It is not recommended that you re-attach a bucket if it is detached.


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