R-Series and RSSA-Series Rotary Blast Systems

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R-Series and RSSA-Series Rotary Blast Systems

In R-series automated blast machines, blast treatment and airwash is performed as components rest around the perimeter of the continuously rotating table, which is positioned to extend out the front of the cabinet. The adjustable-speed table may be fitted with part-holding baskets or simple fixtures. Multiple blast guns are rigidly bracketed in fixed position or mounted on an adjustable oscillator or a rotary turret.

In RSSA-series machines, a single rotary spindle or table rotates the component at controlled and adjustable speed as it is exposed to blast from multiple nozzles. Programmed linear motion of the nozzles can be horizontal, vertical or multi-axis and is synchronized with component rotation to provide a repeatable automated processing routine.

Guyson RSSA6 Rotary Spindle