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What’s NewPrecision Shot Peening, Guyson Custom RSSA -6.

Precision Shot Peening, Guyson Custom RSSA -6.

The Guyson Corporation of U.S.A. just completed an extended height custom RSSA-6 for precision shot peening critical helicopter main gear box rotor shafts . This system complies with AMS 2430 and is capable of bar-code scanning customers routing’s containing alpha numeric part numbers . The compact Logix L24 can store and recall over 1000 recipes . A precision machines table and slide base provides the accuracy and slide base provides the accuracy for the 60″ traverse to FD and OD shotpeen the shaft to consistently repeatable 8-10A Almen Strip intensities .


The customer opted for Guyson’s standard dual media arrangement consisting of (2) 3.5 cu. Ft. pressure vessels , a (4) desk screen classifier , precision 75/12 cyclone and programmable quick connect media hoses .(6) Magna and Thompson value combinations precisely control the media delivery which is monitored and displayed on the Panel view 700 . This fully custom cell was complete in 20 weeks .


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