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What’s NewPrep for Coating in the Firearms Industry

Prep for Coating in the Firearms Industry

Guyson has been working with the firearms industry for Six decades.

We have specific machines for  large scale production of gun parts and accessories, and small hand cabinets for company’s looking to save floor space in their shop. Our machines focus on prep for coating of gun parts.

Get the Quality You Want and the Consistent Finish You Need for Your Final Product

Guyson’s versatility is widely renowned in the Firearms industry. Grit blasting is a popular and cost effective process for prep to coat, whether it be Cerakote®, Black Oxide, or Anodizing. Guyson has developed many solutions to blasting pistol frames, slides, carriers, trigger guards, cylinders, barrels, yolks, silencer components, and upper and lower receivers. Guyson has a high degree of success utilizing Robotics and standard automatic blast cabinets for:


Firearms parts finishing

We specialize in dry blast and wet blast machines, ranging from manual blast cabinets like the Model 8, to fully automated systems like the Guyson RXS family, and custom robotic systems for robust and highly repetitive systems.

Manual Hand Cabinets

Guyson supplies a variety of manual hand cabinets for the firearms industry, starting with our Model 4 all the way up to large hand cabinets up to the Model 10. The larger hand cabinets include an optional turntable to blast all sides of large objects from a single standing position.

Automatic Cabinets

The Guyson RXS family is an automated rotating blast system that is capable of doing multiple operations in a single cabinet. Multiple chambers within the cabinet allow blasting and blowoff in sequence to more efficiently process firearm parts.

Robotic Cabinets

When precision and repeatability are critical, Guyson has been the leader in robotic blast applications for over a decade. Guyson was the first blast machine company to add a robot to one of their machines. In the last decade we have become a fully integrated blast company that not only designs, engineers and builds our blast cabinets and reclaim systems, but have developed our own robotic programming team at our Saratoga Factory.

It all adds up to increased productivity—up to 50% more in most cases— and that’s value for your money.

The Guyson 900 Blast Gun, combined with our media delivery system, can pass as much as 10 times the amount of media in the same period of time as the competition. This means you can finish more guns with one cabinet than you could with multiple cabinets from the competition using the same amount of energy!

Cleaner, More Efficient Reclaim System

The Guyson reclaim system is the best in the business, and defines what makes our machines more precise than our competitors. It begins with the Guyson Cyclone that pulls out the fines from the used media. This product alone can control your media size range maintaining media sizing requirements often without the use of a classifier. But if you want an even more precise media size, you can buy an optional classifier.

Wet Blast Systems

Wet blasting is a great blasting alternative for the firearms industry. One of the largest benefits is the ability to clean and degrease the product during the blast process. This time saving system can move production to a new level. Wet blast systems are dust free making a safer working environment throughout your shop. The wet blast finish is also a cleaner brighter finish which can make your product unique in the firearms industry.

Vaque Wet Blast Systems

Ramp Up Faster

Guyson can provide you one of our standard industrial blasting machines in a timely manner. Start sooner, and clean up your blasting environment.

Dry Blast Benefits for the Firearms Industry

  • Guyson builds robustly for long service.
  • Can be customized and built to individual user’s application requirements.
  • Many models to choose from including manual, automatic and robotic machines.
  • Available with suction or direct pressure media delivery.
  • Fabricated from continuously welded steel plate with double skinned beveled and mitered doors.
  • Many options available

Wet Blast Benefits for the Firearms Manufacturing Industry

  • Ability to etch, rinse and dry surfaces in a non-chemical, water-based, closed-loop system in one integrated, multiple-step work cell — right on the production floor.
  • Near or complete elimination of embedded abrasive media and related voids in the slide reduces injuries in the manufacturing process.
  • Dust-free, wet-slurry process allows for location of work cell in close proximity to sensitive production areas and increases workflow in manufacturing environments.
  • Less production floor space needed due to the elimination of dust collectors.
  • High percentage of water in the slurry dissipates heat.
  • Improved wet blast controls and the immediate lapping of the surface with the same media leads to greater reduction in component Ra values.
  • Precise and repeatable delivery of Wet Blasting slurry gets into previously inaccessible places, for a uniform finish.
  • Stringent manufacturing standards and low maintenance.
  • Easy operational requirements of systems speed ROI and reduce TCO.