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What’s NewTests Prove the Guyson 900 Abrasive Blast Gun is the Most Productive Suction Blast Gun In the World

Tests Prove the Guyson 900 Abrasive Blast Gun is the Most Productive Suction Blast Gun In the World

It is PROVEN that the Guyson 900 Gun throws 10 times as much media as the Empire MH-3 abrasive blast gun in the same amount of time.

Guyson corporation has done extensive testing on our 900 abrasive bast gun, in comparison to the Empire MH-3 gun. The results are startling, and should bring into question whether our competitors gun is as large a value as it claims.

Our test determine that the design of the 900 gun allows 10 times more media to pass through the nozzle, and requires less maintenance during that same time period. 

Lets Look at Empire Abrasives claims about the MH-3 gun.

Empire Claim 1. 

“They state their MH-3 gun boosts production rates 10-25 percent when compared to suction gun based on traditional designs.”

Based on the image below, the “AirFlow Pathway” is actually being blasted apart by grit blast media constantly hitting the back of the chamber.

The Guyson 900 is not a traditional suction blast gun, and is a modular design. The Gritblast flow path is uninterupted by the parts of the gun. Because of this,  our testing proves that Guyson can deliver 10 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF MEDIA in the same time period using 10 percent less energy. We are talking 10 fold the amount of work done using less energy.


Cutaway shows Distrupted Gritblast flow



Cutaway shows un-obstructed grit blast flow. Up to 10 times the media flow in the same time period

Our testing results were based on using Empire’s standard 3/8 inch rubber hose –  but the 900 gun is capable of using a larger 1/2 hose which would increase workflow exponentially beyond the 10 times the amount of work done. 

Empire Claim 2. 

The MH-3 continues blasting without maintenance at least 10 times longer than previous designs.

The MH-3 Design is a solid mold design, which means the airjet is molded directly into the structure of the gun.  This is a non-replaceable part, and to make matters worse, it located directly in the path of the blast chamber. It is essentially wearing itself out as you use the gun.

The Guyson 900 gun is a modular design which has replaceable parts and is easy to maintain. The airjet can be replaced with one screw and the nozzle can be replaced with various sizes. 

Our test were done using Empire’s Blast 3/8 inch rubber blast hose, BUT! The Guyson 900 Gun is capable of a variety of sizes all the way up to 3/4 ID hose. If you use the largest size hose no one can compete with the 900 grit blast gun. One thing is certain based on our testing, the Guyson grit blast gun will get more work done than at least 8 Empire MH-3 Gun. It may be cheaper to buy our competitors cabinet, but to get the same amount of work done you will have buy at least 8 cabinets to get the same work completed.

Find out how the Guyson 900 can help your shop or manufacturing facility get more work done.