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What’s NewTwin Spindle Automated Grit Blasting Machine for Medical Implants

Twin Spindle Automated Grit Blasting Machine for Medical Implants

This precision machine was designed and built for grit blasting of medical implant devices. The Dual Expanded Two-Station RXS-400 System has a small footprint and offers simultaneous dual operation. The front enclosure serves as a device that controls media egress by capturing and returning any dust and residual media back to the machine hopper. It aids in noise reduction by surrounding the sliding vertical doors through which the parts enter and exit the blast chamber. Incorporated is a twin spindle feature allows for two part flow.

For reclamation a Model 75/12 Cyclone was used. The suction of the reclaim system constantly draws all spent and reusable media and the air from the finishing chamber.  Once in the Cyclone body, the reusable media is centrifugally separated from the fractured media and debris, which is removed from the system by the Dust Collector. The reusable media remains in the system and is recirculated through the gun. To balance the reclaim system and ensure negative pressure in the finishing enclosure, continuous cleaning a D-1000 dust collection unit was selected. The continuous cleaning feature incorporated in the Guyson collector ensures efficient operation. Guyson recognizes the importance of supplying customers with visual indication that are used to balance the reclaim system. Proper negative pressure is critical when media/dust egress is not allowed.



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