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Guyson has welcomed in the new season with a strong flow of new orders for its automated wet blasting equipment, making it the wettest summer on record.


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Made up of a mix of re-orders from previous customers who already own wet blasting machines made by Automated Blasting Systems prior to its 2013 acquisition by Guyson and orders from manufacturers who only recently decided to introduce wet blast processing, the uptick in sales activity is an indication that Guyson’s strategy is now becoming a fruitful source of new business.

The decision to organize Wet Blasting Systems as a dedicated operating group at our Saratoga Springs factory grew out of our commitment to begin manufacturing wet blast machines, in order to add even more diversity to our existing product line up of automated and robotic dry blast equipment.

With regard to the recent increase of sales, Rich Gillott, Product Manager for Wet Blast Systems, is not surprised.

“I take it as a sign that we are gaining recognition among the many users of wet blast equipment, based in part on the standing of the company that became Wet Blasting Systems as one of the oldest and most respected designers and builders of wet blast machines in North America, with historical roots going back to the earliest years of wet blasting technology. It is also a sign that the portfolio of designs developed during those years of involvement with wet blasting has found a good home within a dynamic and innovative engineering organization.”

Rich and the Wet Blasting Systems team are pursuing a number of projects in the field of advanced coating and bonding applications in the automotive, aerospace, cutting tools and precision manufacturing industries. The upsurge in activity this summer includes wet blast cleaning, finishing and surface preparation applications in some new and very promising industries.

wet blasting systems in assembly at the Guyson plant in Saratoga