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Guyson’s Automated Tire Mold Cleaning System

Guyson Corporation has designed and built an automated tire mold cleaning system that features a precision nozzle manipulator with three axes of movement. The custom pressure-blast machine is engineered to quickly and non-destructively clean both two-piece and segmented molds. The roof-mounted nozzle motion system directs the blast from four pressure nozzles rigidly bracketed in position […]

Wet Blast System For Aircraft Engine Components

Wet Blasting Systems part of the Guyson Corporation U.S.A. has just completed the design and build of a special wet blasting system for an Aerospace engine repair facility. The WBS/Guyson Model 72×36 is a Dual Operator System is designed for cleaning and surface preparation of low volume high value aircraft engine components up to 55 […]

Twin Spindle Automated Grit Blasting Machine for Medical Implants

This precision machine was designed and built for grit blasting of medical implant devices. The Dual Expanded Two-Station RXS-400 System has a small footprint and offers simultaneous dual operation. The front enclosure serves as a device that controls media egress by capturing and returning any dust and residual media back to the machine hopper. It […]