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Welcome To Our Blasting Media and Applications Blog

You have found a node of the internet dedicated to blast media and blasting applications. In this and future visits here, you will discover original articles and in-depth discussion on these subjects, answers to frequently asked questions and links to access further information that may be pertinent to your ongoing interest in blasting technology.

BlastGunActionThe overall purpose of this Guyson Blast Blog is to build an on-line reference library that will become the most valuable source of information on the web on the specialized and technical subject of blasting applications and blast media.

Who Will Find This Resource Helpful?

Certainly, anyone regularly using a blast cabinet or automated blast machine will have occasional questions about the properties, advantages or limitations of the blast media they work with on a daily basis.

Likewise, someone who is brand new to the field of impact surface treatment will be glad to find a place to learn about the materials or media that actually do the work in the blasting process and the wide variety of purposes or applications where blasting stands out as the most effective, fastest, most economical or greenest method to solve problems with the surface of components.

A Manufacturing Engineer who is evaluating blast technology as an alternative for a new requirement or trying to improve an existing blasting process, whether she or he has prior experience or has limited background knowledge and needs to quickly get up-to-speed on surface treatment methods, will find this blog helpful.

Because materials and upstream or downstream manufacturing processes change, you may find your current blast media is not performing satisfactorily, and you want to evaluate alternative media choices that may be better suited to your present requirements.

Our Blog Authors

Guyson’s blog team is made up of experienced people from many different disciplines, including design, electrical and controls engineers, field service technicians, customer service and technical support representatives and sales engineers who have daily contact with practitioners of blasting, as well as laboratory technicians who prove-out or develop blasting processes. Each of these contributors can offer special insights, field proven how-to information, specialized knowledge and valuable perspectives on blast media and blasting applications.

New Blast Media

Because Guyson is one of the oldest companies in the blast equipment business, and because we long ago adopted customer-centered and application-based methods, we try to stay up-to-date on new developments in blast media. For example, we were one of the first to exploit the unique capabilities of plastic media for deflashing and deburring applications in the manufacturing environment.

Guyson’s test lab is stocked with over 100 types and sizes of blast media, so we can apply our specialized expertise to identify promising media choices for a particular surface treatment requirement. This facility is not a showroom. It is a testing laboratory that supports the Guyson application engineering process.

When new media are being introduced, in some cases, even before they are commercially available,, developers usually make the Guyson lab one of their first stops. By the same token, Guyson has on occasion approached a media manufacturer to find out if they can supply a new material with slightly different properties to meet the requirements of a specific application.

New Blast Applications

As a blast machine manufacturer with a history of innovation in blasting processes and media-blast applications, Guyson is frequently called upon to test and evaluate novel applications of blast technology.

When you are preparing to make a new component, or when new materials or processes present surface treatment challenges, we can be a resource for the manufacturing engineer who has been tasked with evaluation of possible solutions that may include a blasting process. In a widfe variety of industries, from semiconductor components to ultra-hard materials, aerospace alloys to ceramics and composites, Guyson is frequently called upon to answer the question, “ Can blasting do this?’

Whether the answer is yes or no, people value Guyson’s feedback because they know we follow a deliberate and methodical application engineering process that delivers reliable results.

Start The Exchange

Finally, we intend for this blog to be an interactive place. If you found information here that is potentially quite valuable, share it with a friend, and consider signing up as a subscriber to receive automatic e-mail notification when new articles are posted (every 2 to 3 weeks). You are invited to contact Guyson to explore the subject further.

If you did not find the information you are looking for, please contact Guyson directly to ask a specific question about your blast media or blasting applications, and let us know if there is a topic that you think should be addressed in a future post to this blog.